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I’m on my way to Vancouver for the last time this season for my days on the Season finale of Eureka. It’s been 3 months of fun with the cast and crew, what a great run and character, I really can’t wait for you guys to see my episodes. No definite air date yet, but I’ll let you know 🙂

I owe a LOT OF BLOGS, but honestly there has been no time to do them working on Eureka, flying all over the country everyone other week for conventions, press stuff, doing notes on web video production, writing Guild comics etc. BTW: The glamor of the “jet setting life” gets SUPER old. At a certain point I’m like, “Oh, to be home to actually wash my dirty laundry,” haha. Anyway, I will be posting the finale of The Guild and a season recap blog this weekend, promise 🙂


1) My SyFy movie “Red: Werewolf Hunter” is on THIS WEEKEND! October 30th, 9pm Eastern. Please tune in, and if you’re going out to parties DVR. I believe it’s airing on Showcase in Canada, no release dates for other International yet. It’s a fun over the top romp of my stabbing things, I had a GREAT time doing it and I hope you can watch and enjoy 🙂

2) Got a chance to play Fallout: New Vegas this weekend and actually picked up my own character in the game! I gotta send love over to Bethesda: They made Veronica totally OP’d. I mean, one shot head explosions EVERYWHERE. Here’s a great video @JPBrowncoat made and linked to me (I owe him a signed headshot for this!):

The other game I did a voice in, “Rock of the Dead,” was also released and am getting lots of Tweets about people enjoying that game too, so happy to be involved in the Video Game world like this!

3) Had a few web videos I’m in come out today. I’m in “The 5 Minute Jeff Lewis Comedy Hour” today. It’s a stand-alone episode, directed by Sean Becker. Really fun to get together with the gang and do a video for fun 🙂 WARNING: this is slightly NSFW and the other episodes are REALLY NSFW. But they’re funny!

4) The Legend of Neil released a 21 minute EPIC series finale today. (Also NSFW, you’ve been warned!) The Fairy has a great turn here, I’m so proud of Sandeep, he really raised the bar on Web Video today, this episode had 250 VFX shots?!?! Unbelievable. What a great run, I can’t wait to see what he does next, on the web or TV. 🙂

BTW, love in-flight Wifi for 5 bux. I don’t think I’d keep connected at all without it!

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