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Welcome to the family Speedbump!


So, after an uneventful week of working in the hot sweaty sun in dirty petticoats, I came home last night to a tiny cat carrier on the coffee table.   Errrrrrrrr…honey, I’m home?

The story is, my boyfriend was driving on a very busy street in LA yesterday when he saw a car in front of him hit an animal.   The way he tells it, he instictively screeched the car across 2 lanes, straddling the line,  came within inches of hitting the animal, with cars behind him barely avoiding crushing him and his car as he valiantly jumped out and took the broken little kitten into his arms, its limp legs dangling and helpless eyes pleading to him for help.  I have no doubt it happened exactly this way. 🙂

Anyway, he rushed it to the nearest vet, and thankfully, (and several hundred dollars later) they determined that the kitty was not mortally injured, but had a shattered femur, that would be very hard to repair, she might never walk on it again.  What does he do then?  Of course, the coolest thing a guy could do in this situation.  He finds an orthopedic cat surgeon (didn’t know that was a specialty) and takes her over there to get an evaluation.  He was still waiting for them to call me back when I arrived home to see the cutest thing I’ve ever seen staring at me from her little cage.

Cut to, vet call, huge estimate for surgery to put pins in her leg with an operation so she can actually use her leg again.  After some consulting between the two of us, and a very nice negotiation in fee with the vet because she was a random stray, we decided that we had to do the surgery, because the minute my bf saved that kitty’s life, she became part of our family.  I’m a firm believer in pets finding their owners.  When they come into your life, it’s for a reason.

So, Speedbump (named for appropriate reasons) is now home after surgery and doing very well.  Here’s a little picture:

Speedy after Surgery

That big incision is where they put her femur back together.  She’s very purry so I think she’s doing pretty good.  We might not be able to go on our European vacation this winter now, but that’s ok since we have a new person to take care of for the holidays anyway.

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