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Wondercon new work and other things!


Hey guys! So quick update, I’ve been doing a lot of housekeeping with my stuff lately, did a whole cleanup sweep of my romance book club Vaginal Fantasy which will hopefully encourage people to watch the livestream and participate on the forums, I’ve been writing a ton on my two secret projects, and I went to Wondercon yesterday to do a panel on all the new Geek and Sundry stuff coming up!

Wil Wheaton and I had a great time bantering about, talking about everything from anime maid trading card games to sperm being warmed by car seats (no bueno boys). We also took time to talk about our IndieGOGO campaign that has raised $650k already, and we’re hoping to go way further to make more episode and an RPG show, so that’s awesome. And we premiered the trailer for Spooked, a 1/2 hour comedy that’s coming out in June, that I’ve been really heavily involved in the last six months, producing and supervising casting and editing and doing some rewriting on it, all that stuff. I’m super proud of it and it comes out in June, click here for the trailer preview and brief article!

It’s funny because I took the last year and a half to really concentrate on getting my company on its feet and helping other people get their shows off the ground, and I know that people are less dazzled by that than my acting. I mean, the conversation usually goes, “Yes, I run a web series company, we’ve done a few dozen shows over two years, we have one coming out that I produced a lot of myself, wrote on and casting and all that, a whole 1/2 hour format on the web!” “Oh.” “I also guest starred on House eight years ago.” “REALLY?! COOL!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love acting and am planning to do more in the future, but working behind the scenes to MAKE those shows happen is so fulfilling as well, and so few women do it in Hollywood, I want to be someone who people can look to as an example, so it’s easy to think of women OR men in the “making stuff happen” roles. If there were more examples out there, maybe there would be more than 8% of directors out there who were women. Who knows? I just know that I do what I enjoy, which is a little of everything!

SO I hope you enjoy when it comes out in June and stay tuned! Lots of cool stuff happening I can’t talk about, but it’s….goood…..


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