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Writer's Strike


So, my boyfriend is a writer, and he cannot legally work right now. It’s kind of frightening really. Anyone familiar with Hollywood knows that writers, although the most important part of the creation process, are usually treated like poop. Especially in features, they are considered disposable, and they will cycle through writers like Paris Hilton cycles through hair extensions on a script. Worst analogy ever, that’s why I’m not in the guild 😀

I really think that this strike is important now, because as we internet folk know, the time for digital downloading/viewing is now, and for them to not establish a cut of that during this negotiation could financially ruin the regular writer down the line when people are ordering TV shows like Pay Per View over the internet, or when the TV is actually their internet browser. For every DVD sold, studios and producers make 97% profit from them. The rest is production costs, and THEN paying the actors/directors/writers their tiny share. It’s time now for creative people to protect their share of profit in the evolving marketplace. Actors may go on strike in June, but if the writers can negotiate a settlement, that could pave the way for actors to not have to.

Anyway, I’m going to go support my friends on the picket line this week, I’ll be sure to take a picture. I am conflicted about releasing Guild episodes during the strike, but really, the sooner the studios realize that people can do things WITHOUT them taking all the profit, maybe they’ll start to be afraid of the artist, and not the other way around. I hope lots of Guild members make web videos and they become hugely popular and make those suits quake in their boots. Anarchists arise! 🙂

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