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In 2006 I wrote a script called “The Guild”.  It was a comedy about online gamers that I initially wrote as a 1/2 hour TV series, but turned into a web series after everyone rejected it, and my co-producer Kim Evey said, "Hey, you should do this for the web, because that's where gamers are." This was right after YouTube STARTED, so I was like, "Okay?" After our first upload though, the summer of 2007, I knew I wanted to do this show for the web as long as I could.

For six seasons we made the show, the first season it was crowd-funded through Paypal (this was before Kickstarter existed), and after that we were picked up by Xbox for another four amazing seasons, ending the show back on YouTube for our final season. It is the project I am most proud of, and closest to my heart.  

You can read details about how we made the show in the companion guide I wrote.  Or just enjoy the episodes on DVD. I really hope you enjoy!

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